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“We specified the conservatory when the house was built 17 years ago we thought the extra living space would really make the most of the south facing garden. We also had roof blinds installed to try and minimise the heat loss through the polycarbonate roof and although this helped to some degree, we decided to explore refurbishment options. We were slightly daunted by the prospect of a replacement roof because we couldn’t find a solution that could easily accommodate the shape of our roof – it’s Victorian at one end and Edwardian at the other.

We discovered LivinROOF through our Ultraframe retailer.  It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that by simply replacing the roof with LivinROOF it has transformed how we use the space.  It’s significantly warmer even without the heating on and of course, we minimised the building costs by keeping the dwarf wall and original flooring.  We were slightly concerned about losing too much light with a solid roof but I can say in all sincerity there is no noticeable change.  We’ve now got a really versatile space, add to that the LED lighting in the pelmet, it definitely feels more like a room than it ever did.”


Shirley and her husband inherited the conservatory when they moved into the property almost ten years ago. They were delighted to find a property with a conservatory to give them the extra living space downstairs but used their LivinROOF transformation as an opportunity to make their home open-plan. Shirley tells us her transformation story.  “The conservatory was great up to a point. But in the summer it was stifling and of course, in the winter the heating costs made it a very expensive room – we’d lock the doors in October and re-enter in the Spring – it really was a part time space. We wanted to find an easy solution to overcome the challenges of the conservatory but we were also mindful of the costs – there’s a point in any renovation project where you have to ask yourself; is it cheaper to move house? We certainly didn’t appreciate that we could simply remove the roof and replace it with something so effective.”


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